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Spatially Knows Where to Advertise Your Business

Target potential customers who already spend time in your business area. Spatially identifies who they are, where they come from and where they go to geo-target ads for your most likely customers. Using advertising networks like Google AdWords and Facebook, our Spatially Ads internet marketing platform helps you discover new markets and interact with your best prospects to better promote your business.

Cost Effective Geo-Targeted Advertising

Traditional local marketing relies on zip codes, drive-time perimeters or distance radius for audience targeting. With Spatially Ads, your business can focus its advertising campaigns on potential customers who have spent time in your area and are likely to return. Spatially boosts your ad performance by serving ads to the people most likely to become your customers, focusing your online local advertising dollars where you get the most bang for your buck. Areas identified as top targets for your paid ads may have lower competition for your keywords and interests.

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Geo-Targeted Ads for Your Most Likely Customers

Create local ad campaigns focused on the custom audience most likely to visit your business area and shop for your products. Quickly, easily create unlimited ads per location.

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Easy, Economical Online Advertising

Control all of your ads on multiple ad networks (Google AdWords, Facebook), all under one Spatially Ads account—there’s no need to maintain separate accounts. Spatially geo-targets the areas where your potential customers are located; you create the ad, set the budget and Spatially takes care of the rest. Plus, your entire budget is spent on ads—no service fees!

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Advertise to the Right Market with the Right Mindset

Increase relevant traffic to your business by targeting people at work or home as they plan their day, before they reach their destination. Targeting them while they’re in a planning mindset has a different, often more powerful impact than targeting them later, in more spontaneous (and distracted) moments.

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Simplified Online Ad Management

Our ad performance dashboard supplies the most relevant information at a glance, including impressions, clicks and click-through rate. Easily control and edit your ads and campaigns for multiple networks, all in one place.


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Select a business address. We'll identify local areas with the greatest concentrations of potential customers.

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Create your ad, set your keywords or interests, set your budget and start your campaign.

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Sit back and marvel at all the time and effort you’ve saved, then check your results as your ads are served.

Effective, local, digital advertising made easy—that’s Spatially Ads.


Sign up today—you’ll gain early access to the Spatially Ads platform and get $50 in free advertising!*

*Offer valid for Google AdWords sponsored ads. Subject to approval; limited to first 20 businesses that sign up. Must have an active website with Google website analytics. One of Spatially’s representatives will contact you to confirm and complete your enrollment in Spatially Ads.